Outflank the Competition and Capture the Small Business Banking Market

Archived Webinar

Outflank the Competition and Capture the Small Business Banking Market

November 06, 2015

There are many opportunities available to community financial institutions in small business and commercial banking. To win this market, financial institutions must successfully address three challenges: fierce competition, the demand for growth and talent management.

Technology is an essential component of solving these challenges, and achieving critical profit and growth goals. According to Thomas J. Curry, Comptroller of the Currency, “…a large share of the innovation we’re seeing in the area of financial technology is developing outside of the regulated banking industry.”

To learn what you can do, watch this webinar. Led by Jim Jones, president & CEO of First Wellesley Consulting Group, as well as industry experts at D+H, in this webinar you will gain a competitive playbook on growing your small business banking opportunity and learn:

  • The state of the industry – what has changed and what has not
  • Key strategic objectives and opportunities
  • The significance of small business and commercial lending opportunity – essential to community financial institutions’ bottom line, often representing the most strategic profit center and a primary competitive advantage
  • Reality check: major challenges that can hinder success
  • Ways technology is being used to solve challenges and meet lending goals
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