Reinventing Commercial Lending A Case Study in Achieving Faster Value

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Reinventing Commercial Lending A Case Study in Achieving Faster Value

March 01, 2016
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You establish procedures and lending practices that conform to policy, ensure credits are properly risk rated, reserves are correctly allocated, and loan losses are minimized. Now, how do you plan to grow organically and profitably in 2016 and beyond? Lenders need a competitive edge and must quickly address the credit needs for every opportunity.  Lending teams that are looking to lead, win new business and grow, must capitalize on technology and successfully enable their platforms to support complex relationships.

Many financial institutions don’t realize the benefits that technology can bring to commercial loan origination and commercial loan portfolio management. Efficiency in the front office and execution in the middle office highlight the need for an efficient underwriting structure that adapts quickly to changing lending conditions. Hear from CIBM Bank, who successfully implemented technology to increase the speed of processing loans, shrink costs, and reduce credit and compliance risk, enabling new opportunities to power growth.

Through this case study and with insights from an industry expert at CEB, you’ll learn the top findings in commercial lending in order to: 

  • Leverage lending technology to support sales and credit risk efficiency
  • Effectively define, assess, and decide on the right business project to deliver results and identify new opportunities in lending
  • Integrate lending technology into your operation to streamline the deal making process and improve the customer experience
  • Plan a phase-by-phase approach to applying best practices within your current lending program

Watch a webinar hosted by CEB Tower Group, sponsored by D+H, where representatives from CIBM Bank and CEB Tower Group, helped attendees better understand the steps for achieving faster value with technology. 

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