Unleash the Power of Small Business Lending

Archived Webinar

Unleash the Power of Small Business Lending

March 21, 2017

Abundant with opportunity, the Small Business lending market is one of the most attractive destinations for a bank’s capital. But this market presents scale challenges and lots of competition from big banks and alternative lenders, with their deep pockets and a digital customer experience. Are community banks doomed? No way. Learn in this session how to harness your bank’s inherent strengths and win deals like the Goliaths.

Based on a recently fielded Aite Group survey of 501 credit-seeking SMBs, this session will help you better understand your borrowers, including how they shop for credit, borrow, and feel about the customer experience.

This webinar will highlight trends in small business lending, including:

  • Insights on the SMB market size and loan volume 
  • Satisfaction levels with credit app response times and documentation turnaround 
  • Pain points in the SMB lending process for banks and alternative lenders 
  • Why the customer experience matters 
  • Factors determining where SMBs apply and close 
  • Interdependence between process and relationship 
  • Why community banks are positioned strongly compared to big banks
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