$1.3 Billion Genisys Credit Union Completes Conversion and Goes Live with UltraData® Enterprise for Core Processing

Lake Mary, Florida (August 12, 2009) – Harland Financial Solutions announced today that Genisys Credit Union successfully went live on its UltraData® Enterprise core processing solution.

Genisys Credit Union of Auburn Hills, Mich. is the fourth largest credit union in Michigan and the result of a merger between T&C Federal Credit Union and USA Credit Union. The conversion to UltraData Enterprise was completed August 1, 2009. With $1.3 billion in assets, Genisys serves more than 125,000 members and has 25 branches in Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

UltraData Enterprise, the winner from the two incumbent core processing systems evaluated, had been used by T&C Federal Credit Union for more than 10 years. The smooth transition to UltraData Enterprise can be greatly attributed to the thorough preparation by Genisys Credit Union and its commitment to ensuring the conversion would not adversely impact its members. The institution underwent a five-month methodical implementation plan with Harland Financial Solutions that included two test conversions and two mock conversions to ensure the project would flow smoothly.

“Conversion is the largest, most complex project a financial institution can undertake, and it comes with challenges and opportunities. We wanted to make sure this merger was seamless to our members. We took the time to train all our staff extensively and had the right staff working very closely with the team from Harland Financial Solutions,” said Jackie Buchanan, executive vice president and CIO of Genisys Credit Union and vice chair of the CUNA Technology Council Executive Committee.

“We were confident when we selected Harland Financial Solutions that they would not let us down during the conversion process,” said Dianne Addington, president and CEO of Genisys Credit Union. “Choosing the right core system that supports our credit union’s long-term strategy was critical – equally important was the core provider’s financial stability, integrity and vision of the future. We have that type of partner in Harland Financial Solutions.”

Genisys Credit Union currently uses a wide variety of Harland Financial Solutions’ applications and added the new UltraData Enterprise CRM solution to its arsenal during the conversion process. “UltraData Enterprise CRM gives us the capabilities we have always envisioned for our credit union. It will serve as the foundation of our retention efforts and fuel our long-term growth,” said Tom Alter, executive vice president and COO of Genisys Credit Union. “With a complete view of our members, we can now enhance our already excellent service levels and be even more responsive to our members’ needs.”

“UltraData Enterprise provides traditional credit unions with a competitive advantage in operational efficiency and relationship management of their members,” said David McConney, executive vice president and general manager of the Credit Union Core Systems Group for Harland Financial Solutions. “I am pleased Genisys selected Harland Financial Solutions to support its ongoing success and that together we all experienced a smooth transition. I am confident that the institution, and its members, will realize more benefits each day using our dynamic enterprise solution.”

Harland Financial Solutions delivers UltraData Enterprise in both an in-house and service bureau environment to hundreds of credit unions nationwide.


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