Corporate One Announces ACH Tie-Up with Fundtech

Corporate One announced Thursday that it would offer its members ACH services using Fundtech’s PAYplus ACH and CASHplus platforms.

In making the announcement, Columbus, Ohio-based Corporate One stressed that this solution filled the gap caused by the pending cessation of ACH services provided by failed corporate U.S. Central Bridge.

Said Corporate One in its statement, “By choosing Fundtech, Corporate One will be replacing the APEX-ACH platform offered through U.S. Central with a solution that will offer several enhancements over APEX-ACH, and with pricing that is more favorable to its members.”

“With our new ACH platform through Fundtech, we’re able to provide enhanced pricing to our members over the fees associated with the existing ACH solution,” said Lee Butke, Corporate One’s CEO. “We view our move to the new platform as more than a replacement for our existing system, but as an opportunity to provide even more value to our members and help them succeed at serving their own members.”

Robert Coyan, Corporate One’s senior vice president of marketing and operations, added: “After an extensive and thorough search, we are very pleased to have chosen Fundtech as our new ACH system provider. The Fundtech platform is a user-friendly, best-in-class system that will provide our members many benefits above and beyond the APEX-ACH system.”

Jersey City, N.J.-based Fundtech describes itself as “a leading provider of financial technology to banks and corporations of all sizes around the world.”

Corporate One stressed that it planned to have all its members transitioned out of U.S. Central Bridge and into Fundtech’s ACH in advance of a scheduled June 30 fee increase at U.S. Central Bridge as the corporate winds down its operations.