Harland Financial Solutions Announces Continued Growth of Bank Client Base with Recent Deals for PhoenixEFE®

Lake Mary, Florida (August 1, 2011) – Harland Financial Solutions announced that its PhoenixEFE® enterprise solution has been selected by Apollo Bank (formerly Union Credit Bank), Bank of Ruston, Douglas County Bank, and First Scottsdale Bank. PhoenixEFE is an integrated enterprise software platform that brings together Harland Financial Solutions' real-time core processing solution with the company's market-leading specialized applications. Its capabilities span the functions of the financial institution’s entire enterprise.

In addition to PhoenixEFE Core, the banks have purchased additional integrated products; among them are those providing self-service delivery channels, merchant capture, enterprise content management, and item processing services.

Apollo Bank, based in Miami, Florida, has purchased PhoenixEFE Core, as well as other Harland Financial Solutions offerings, including EFT for electronic funds transfer, ActiveView™ Content Management for streamlined document management and FMS financial management software.

“I have a long history with Harland Financial Solutions, having used the Phoenix System (now PhoenixEFE Core) in a previous role,” said Richard Dailey, president and CEO with Apollo Bank. “I had already been through an extensive vendor selection process in the recent past, so when it came time to choose a core system for Apollo Bank, I knew PhoenixEFE was the right solution.”

Bank of Ruston, based in Ruston, Louisiana, has purchased PhoenixEFE Core with additional modules. Additionally, it has licensed ActiveView Content Management.

Douglas County Bank, based in Douglasville, Georgia, has signed an extended agreement for PhoenixEFE Core. An existing user of Harland Financial Solutions’ LaserPro® for compliant loan documents and deposit origination, Douglas County Bank licensed additional specialized applications for PhoenixEFE, including ActiveView Content Management, Touché® Analyzer for business intelligence, Cavion® Voice Banking for integrated voice response, Cavion Bill Pay for complete bill management, ActiveView Item Processing for outsourced item processing services and ActiveView Merchant Capture.

First Scottsdale Bank, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has licensed PhoenixEFE Core and additional Harland Financial Solutions products, including ActiveView Content Management, ActiveView Item Processing and FMS financial management software.

“The respective objectives of these banks demonstrate the alignment of our extended financial enterprise strategy with the current financial services landscape,” said Scott Hansen, executive vice president of business development with Harland Financial Solutions. “We look forward to partnering with them over the next several years as they seek to expand their businesses, gain efficiencies and better serve their customers.”


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