Harland Financial Solutions Announces CreditQuest® Sales Growth

Financial Institutions Worldwide Manage Credit and Operational Risk with CreditQuest

Lake Mary, Florida (September 15, 2008) – Harland Financial Solutions announced today its CreditQuest® solution has been experiencing strong sales growth both in the U.S. and internationally, with more than 75 current clients and a growth rate of over three hundred percent in one year.

CreditQuest is a commercial credit management system designed to manage risk and improve productivity in commercial lending. It brings the functions of origination, financial analysis, underwriting, documentation and executive reporting together in one solution. The data collected in CreditQuest can be used to segment the institution’s portfolio to determine exposure, credit quality and profitability. This information can in turn be used to strengthen the institution’s overall risk rating model and predict losses on a larger scale.

Many financial institutions have identified CreditQuest as an ideal solution for managing their credit, operational and regulatory risk. “After reviewing numerous software options, we feel CreditQuest is the best solution to coordinate our needs in the application, credit analysis and loan underwriting for our commercial lending function,” said Joe Wellman, director of planning for German American Bancorp.

CreditQuest’s integration with LaserPro®, Harland Financial Solutions’ compliant documentation solution, also appealed to German American Bancorp, an existing LaserPro user. Gene Thewes, senior vice president, Technology and Operations, added, “We feel CreditQuest's ability to upload to LaserPro will make the integration with our loan processing and loan operations functions a seamless operation.”

CreditQuest helps institutions maintain a strong capital base and meet the expanding needs of their customers. “With a growing presence in global markets, CreditQuest is a proven solution for mitigating risk,” said J.R. Clemons, president of Risk Management and Compliance Solutions for Harland Financial Solutions. “CreditQuest clients are implementing process improvements that will help them preserve economic capital and manage regulatory requirements, all while enhancing productivity to gain a competitive advantage.”


About Harland Financial Solutions
Harland Financial Solutions, Inc. (www.harlandfinancialsolutions.com) supplies software and services to thousands of financial institutions of all sizes, offering its solutions in both an in-house and service bureau environment. It is a leader in core systems, item processing, enterprise content management, branch automation, customer relationship management, business intelligence, origination and document solutions, risk management, compliance training, financial accounting, open documents, mortgage solutions, electronic funds transfer (EFT), electronic banking and advisory services. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp., which also owns Harland Clarke and Scantron.

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