Harland Financial Solutions Continues to Experience Record Sales for LaserPro®

Lake Mary, Florida (August 13, 2012) – Harland Financial Solutions announced today that LaserPro®, its compliant lending and documentation solution, continues to experience record sales. The company signed 250 new LaserPro clients in 2011 and has already closed 114 deals in 2012 to date.

With a new wave of regulatory changes imminent, more financial institutions are partnering with Harland Financial Solutions for its recognized compliant lending expertise. More than 3,000 financial institutions nationwide use LaserPro to originate, process and document loans of all types. The company also attributes some of the momentum to recent enhancements made to the solution, including loan origination and processing capabilities that make the lending process even more streamlined.

At user meetings held around the country, Harland Financial Solutions has hosted over 600 LaserPro clients, many of whom have expressed their gratitude for the compliance capabilities of the solution.

“It’s pretty powerful to witness so many of our clients interacting and sharing their positive experiences. They genuinely appreciate our support in helping keep them compliant, while continuing to add more functionality to the product," said Paul Musser, product manager for LaserPro, Harland Financial Solutions. “It’s exciting to see LaserPro continue to thrive and meet the compliant lending needs of the financial services industry, as it has done for the last 25 plus years."

Brenda Williams, senior vice president and senior project manager of Austin Bank in Jacksonville, Texas, is pleased with the way Harland Financial Solutions stays one step ahead of any changing regulations. “Having these compliance issues handled through the software is a very big ‘plus’ for us," said Williams. “One of the reasons we chose LaserPro is its focus on compliance, as well as the dynamic loan documents that are not just fill-in-the-blank documents. The documents are produced based on the information entered into the system."

“It is evident that the industry is turning around and investing in technology again. Many institutions are focusing on areas that help them with the regulatory challenges," said Mitch Lucas, vice president, product management and legal compliance, Harland Financial Solutions. “Ongoing enhancements to LaserPro have contributed to a great deal of the interest in the solution. Many clients value all that Harland Financial Solutions has to offer and are purchasing multiple solutions that also contribute to mitigating risk, as well as pushing further into paperless environments."


About Harland Financial Solutions
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