Harland Financial Solutions’ Credit Union Core Solution Continues To Be Top Choice for Many Credit Unions

Three New Clients Select UltraData® Enterprise

Lake Mary, Florida (June 21, 2010) – Harland Financial Solutions today announced that its UltraData® Enterprise core processing solution has been selected by AllWealth Credit Union, Red Crown Credit Union and Sierra Point Credit Union. In addition to selecting Harland Financial Solutions’ core processing, each credit union also licensed additional integrated products, including Cavion® Internet Banking, to enhance their self-service options and ability to reach various member segements.

AllWealth Credit Union, based in Hamilton, Ohio, signed an agreement for UltraData Enterprise in a service bureau environment. The institution also purchased Cavion Internet Banking in order to offer its members a self-service delivery option.

Red Crown Credit Union, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, signed an agreement for service bureau delivery of UltraData Enterprise. Additionally, Red Crown Credit Union licensed Cavion Internet Banking, Cavion® Mobile Banking Professional, Cavion® Bill Pay and LaserPro® for integrated Internet and mobile banking, bill payment and lending capabilities.

Marsha Schmidt, president and CEO of Red Crown Credit Union said, “We are very excited to partner with Harland Financial Solutions to provide all of the technology and services necessary to help us grow, while achieving the level of member service for which we strive.”

Sierra Point Credit Union, based in San Francisco, California, signed an agreement for hosted core processing of UltraData Enterprise, after reviewing the offerings of other providers. In addition to UltraData Enterprise, Sierra Point Credit Union also licensed Harland Financial Solutions’ Cavion Internet Banking and Cavion Bill Pay to deliver Internet banking and bill pay services to its members.

Deborah Trapani, president and CEO of Sierra Point Credit Union said, “Not only is management excited about how these solutions will help us provide better service to our members, but the staff is also eager to experience the ease-of-use and menu-driven technology of UltraData Enterprise.”

“Financial institutions continue to see the benefits of Harland Financial Solutions’ enterprise-wide approach to integrated solutions and services,” said Scott Hansen, executive vice president of business development, Harland Financial Solutions. “The added efficiencies gained through this integration and automation of processes is significant. In today’s economic times, these efficiencies coupled with tools that assist with risk mitigation continue to set Harland Financial Solutions apart in the marketplace.”


About Harland Financial Solutions
Harland Financial Solutions, Inc. (www.harlandfinancialsolutions.com) supplies software and services to thousands of financial institutions of all sizes, offering its solutions in both an in-house and service bureau environment. It is a leader in core systems, business intelligence, branch automation, payment processing, enterprise content management, lending solutions, risk management, compliance, financial accounting, mortgage solutions and self service solutions. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp., which also owns Harland Clarke and Scantron.

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