Harland Financial Solutions’ Enterprise Solution Achieves Broader Base of Bank Clients

Two More Banks Select PhoenixEFE™ to Streamline Operations and Ensure Data Consistency Across All Areas of the Institution

Lake Mary, Florida (August 5, 2010) – Harland Financial Solutions has announced that its PhoenixEFE™ enterprise solution has been selected by Devon Bank and Bank of Akron. PhoenixEFE is an integrated enterprise software platform that brings together Harland Financial Solutions' real-time core processing solution with the company's market-leading specialized applications. Its capabilities span the functions of the financial institution’s entire enterprise.

In addition to the PhoenixEFE core processing solution, both banks have licensed additional integrated products; among them are those providing self service delivery channels, deposit and loan origination, credit risk management, and business intelligence.

Devon Bank ($290M in assets), based in Chicago, Illinois, has signed an extended agreement for PhoenixEFE™ Core.  A long-time user of Harland Financial Solutions’ ProSuite™ for deposit and loan origination, Devon Bank also licensed additional specialized applications for PhoenixEFE, including CreditQuest® for commercial credit risk management, Touché® Analyzer for business intelligence, Cavion® Internet Banking and Cavion® Bill Pay, ActiveView® Content Management, Item Processing, and Electronic Funds Transfer services.

“One of our objectives is to consolidate the number of solution providers we deal with in order to streamline operations,” said Dan Loundy, vice president and chief technology officer of Devon Bank. “I am always interested in solutions that provide the most value for our technology dollars. The value of PhoenixEFE is in the breadth of capabilities it brings to all areas of the bank’s operations. It made sense for us to select PhoenixEFE, as it emulates a ‘one-stop shop’ for us.”

Bank of Akron ($200M in assets), based in Akron, New York, has licensed PhoenixEFE Core with additional modules. Additionally, it has licensed Harland Financial Solutions’ Cavion Internet Banking, Cavion® Business Banking and Cavion Bill Pay; ActiveView Content Management; EFT ATM and debit card processing; CreditQuest, among other solutions.

“The mortgage lending support provided by PhoenixEFE is very important to us. The solutions we looked at from other providers did not include features that are important to us, such as Fannie Mae reconciliation and reporting, and escrow support,” said Peter Noreika, assistant vice president and IT manager with Bank of Akron. “Also, since we have been using Harland Financial Solutions’ ProSuite lending solution, it just made sense to have as much data continuity as possible. After speaking with other PhoenixEFE users who touted the ease-of-use and high level of service provided by Harland Financial Solutions, we are confident we made the right choice.”

Scott Hansen, executive vice president of business development with Harland Financial Solutions said, “Devon Bank and Bank of Akron’s respective objectives align well with our extended financial enterprise strategy. We look forward to partnering with them during the next several years to support their growth and help them optimize their enterprises.”


About Harland Financial Solutions
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