Information For Our Former Shareholders

Information For Our Former Shareholders

As you may know, the previously announced acquisition of Fundtech Ltd. (“Fundtech”) by US FT Parent, Inc. (“Parent”), a Delaware corporation and holding company formed by GTCR Fund X/A LP or its affiliates (“GTCR”), was approved by the Fundtech shareholders at the extraordinary meeting held on October 25, 2011. As of the close of business on November 30, 2011, the effective date of the merger, shares in Fundtech have been converted into the right to receive the merger consideration of $23.33 per share (without interest and less any applicable withholding taxes), and are no longer listed for trading on the NASDAQ Global Select Market or Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.

American Stock Transfer & Trust Co., LLC (“AST”) has been appointed as the paying agent in the transaction and, over the next few days, will be sending out to shareholders of record information regarding the exchange of their shares for merger consideration. Shareholders should not send their share certificates to the AST until they receive appropriate instructions.

If shareholders hold their shares in “street name,” through a bank, broker or other nominee, they will receive information regarding exchange of their shares from their bank, broker or other nominee.

The information shareholders receive will include a letter to shareholders, a letter of transmittal and tax declaration forms. Shareholders should complete and return the forms, including their share certificates and/or book-entry statements (as applicable), following the detailed instructions therein.

Following receipt of a shareholder’s completed forms, and share certificates and/or book-entry statements (as applicable), AST will mail to shareholders of record a cash payment for the shares to the address provided by such shareholder or, if held in street name, such shareholder’s bank, broker or other nominee will process the required forms and will credit the payment it receives to such shareholder’s account (as applicable).