ActiveView® Item Processing

In today’s fast growing mobile banking environment, it is very useful to be able to catch checks that have already been processed prior to debiting a consumer’s account. ActiveView® Item Processing is a high-performance, image-enabled item processing solution designed to improve balancing efficiency and the overall workflow of financial institutions.

ActiveView Item Processing combines check reading, forms processing and document identification capabilities within the system. It can process large numbers of bank documents without the aid of a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) line or the forms redesign that is often required with more traditional proof of deposit systems.


Branch Capture - Branch Capture for ActiveView Item Processing offers you the opportunity to capture your work throughout the day, enabling you to manage workflow, meet deadlines and solve geographical challenges.

Distributed Capture - Distributed Capture for ActiveView Item Processing enables your financial institution to extend end-of-day branch cut-off times, while significantly reducing or eliminating courier costs.

Item Exchange - Item Exchange for ActiveView Content Management allows your institution to exchange images electronically with the Federal Reserve or other correspondents.

Business Benefits


Image-based processing is not ‘one-size fits all’. That is why ActiveView Item Processing  provides a full suite of modules to enable financial institutions to build a customized solution.

These modules include:

  • Image Capture with Proof Express to drive faster reject correction and on-time cash letters.  

  • CAR/LAR Processing to automate the manual process of viewing and entering item amounts for balancing.

  • Image Exchange, so images may be captured at branch locations using a variety of platforms.

  • Branch Capture, enabling work to be captured throughout the day.

  • Image Statements, to print consumer statements and check images, by interfacing with virtually any core software.

  • Email Statements, enabling full-featured PDF statement files to be delivered via email, eliminating postage and mail preparation costs for enrolled customers.

  • Research in both browser and Windows, to enable employees to research account histories, statements and cancelled check images using a familiar web-browser user interface, within the financial institution’s Intranet.

  • Internet Banking API, to connect the check imaging system with the Internet Banking platform.

  • Duplicate Item Detection, offering early detection to prevent fraud or error.

Single Process Workflow

ActiveView Item Processing incorporates an innovative system workflow. In traditional item processing environments, capturing, reading and balancing items are parts of a three-step process. ActiveView Item Processing simplifies this to a single process that includes proof-of-deposit capture, character account recognition, legal amount recognition and automated balancing and reconciliation.

Centralized Location for Checking Processing

With interfaces to Image ATM, Mobile and Merchants, lockbox systems and teller capture systems this is a centralized location for all check processing. The system monitors checks coming in from all sources and reports duplicates.

Breakthrough Improvement

ActiveView Item Processing is a third-generation item processing system that delivers breakthrough improvement in check processing by leveraging patent-pending recognition technology, including automated courtesy amount and legal amount recognition, (CAR/LAR) and advanced database design. Most transactions running through the solution are automatically balanced without operator intervention, so delivering maximum efficiency with a dramatic reduction in amount-entry workload.

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