ActiveView® Statement Printing

Reducing costs, increasing operational efficiency and improving consumer communications are just a few of the challenges facing financial institutions in today’s competitive market. Many institutions are choosing to outsource their internal functions as a way of driving efficiency and increasing their focus on revenue-generating activities.

ActiveView® Statement Printing is a statement production and distribution service that allows financial institutions to eliminate the difficulties associated with printing and mailing statements in-house. It helps them to reduce costs, simplify workflows and improve statement integrity and quality. By outsourcing this function, staff will no longer have to spend valuable time on inefficient statement delivery processes.

Business Benefits

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing the statement production and distribution process to D+H means a reduction in the labor costs associated with printing and mailing statements. Plus, the capital expenditure associated with buying, leasing and maintaining printing and rendering equipment can also be avoided.

Operational Efficiency

This streamlined approach to statement production and distribution results in expedited statement processing and shorter statement production cycles.


D+H consistently monitors industry regulations pertaining to statement production and distribution, so their clients’ responsibility for United States Postal Service and regulatory changes and compliance is reduced.

Data Integrity and Security

Financial institutions are no longer burdened by the need to maintain archived data, back-ups and ensure the security of data. Data integrity is maintained within D+H’s managed database structure - and the latest security protocols are in place. Back-ups are performed regularly and data is replicated in two geographically separate data centers.

Better Branding

Statement enhancement options support customized statement layouts, so financial institutions can improve the marketing appeal of their statements, reinforce their brand and maximize the value of the statement as a customer communication vehicle.

Client Testimonials