ActiveView® Teller Capture

ActiveView® Teller Capture is a comprehensive, image-based transaction processing solution that enables frontline employees to capture images of checks, deposit slips, payment coupons and more at the teller line. This method of capturing paper items as images speeds up transaction processing and streamlines the transaction workflow. Importantly, the creation of virtual documents also eliminates the need for the paper tickets that tellers would normally have to prepare or validate during the transaction process.

Financial institutions benefit from ActiveView Teller Capture through:

  • A streamlined approach to transaction processing
  • Faster transaction processing capabilities
  • Cost savings
  • Branch efficiency gains

Specifically, ActiveView Teller Capture enables financial institutions to:

  • Capture images of transaction items at the time they are presented
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for paper forms at the teller line
  • Verify transactions at the teller line
  • Minimize teller key strokes, error rates and exception items
  • Begin and end the batch item capture process using automated controls
  • Reverse and correct transactions within individual batches
  • Defer large deposits for later recall and processing
  • Capitalize on revenue generation opportunities that result from earlier funds availability
  • Improve interactions with customers

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