There is an increasing demand for businesses of all sizes to focus on driving down costs by reducing or eliminating manual processing and increasing cash flow. Using D+H’s Bacs payment services to optimize Direct Debit and Direct Credit processes, minimize manual work, reduce costs and eliminate errors is helping thousands of customers take control of their finances. Having this level of control and flexibility enables buyers and suppliers alike to take advantage of preferred payment terms, further increase the positive impact on cash flow, and develop strong working relationships.

D+H’s Bacsactive-IP Web Enterprise (BAWE) is a cloud-based Bacs solution with additional modules. As Software as a Service (SaaS), BAWE is a drop-in solution that gives you 24/7 access and connects with Bacs every working day for a full range of Bacs Services. This fully scalable, future-proof solution with additional modules can be tailored to your exact requirements as your business evolves.

Using the latest cloud technology, D+H’s solution and additional modules are simple to set up, user friendly and cost effective. It supports high volumes and any input file, making it the perfect single solution for any business.

Banks and Financial Institutions

D+H’s solution is also available as white-labeled product to banks and financial institutions looking to offer transparency and value added solutions directly to their customers in a fully-branded cloud-based service.

Business Benefits


The solution is a fully web-based solution making it accessible from anywhere with internet access 24/7.

Automate Manual Processes

Using cloud-based technology, this single solution handles all payment types including Direct Credits, supplier payments, payroll and Direct Debits and integrates with existing ERP/Accounting packages making it a drop-in replacement for existing solutions, and the perfect single solution for new businesses. Businesses can further automate their Bacs processes by adding additional modules to their solution, developing a system that is tailored to their exact specification as their business evolves.

Highly Secure Solution

The solution is fully HMRC RTI compliant and supports multiple, simultaneous users with customizable authorities. This unique solution is complete with secure logins and integrated disaster recovery as standard. More than 12 months archived transactions are readily available via your online portal and can be accessed in an instant.


The cloud-based solution is simple to install with minimal disruption to business continuity. All ISCD and processing calendar updates are refreshed automatically. Full installation, testing and training is provided.

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