Consistent, accurate decision-making is essential for improving loan quality, growing revenue and mitigating risk. Yet most financial institutions find it complex, expensive and time-consuming to ensure their workforce stays aligned, on point, and up to speed.

Barometer is a configurable, SaaS platform that provides insight into how well employees understand and apply regulations and policies, empowering you to efficiently pinpoint and address inconsistencies in decision-making.

Using a library of real-world scenarios to measure understanding, Barometer generates the insight needed to make informed decisions on where to deploy resources to improve loan quality, increase profitability and reduce risk.

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Business Benefits

Increased Profitability

Regularly assessing and calibrating decision proficiency and consistency improves operational efficiency and profitability.

Improved Quality

Make faster, better-informed business decisions to improve the quality of your lending portfolio.

Reduced Risks

Barometer gives compliance and risk officers a historical repository of evidence, trending results from activities designed to reduce risk exposure and calibrate employee decision making.

Laser-Focused Training

Barometer gives you the insight to identify knowledge gaps and close them, through more effective learning and development.