Bill Pay

Consumers who pay bills online are more profitable, more loyal and offer unlimited potential for a strong, growing financial relationship. Bill Pay is an essential part of your strategy to provide digital banking services that attract and retain consumers in a cost-effective manner. This is especially true in today’s environment, where third-party services are seeking to grow their share of the market and the number of mailed payments is steadily declining. Bill Pay is one of the most comprehensive bill management services on the market – allowing your consumers to receive, view, manage and pay all of their bills, whether paper or electronic, online at their convenience.

Business Benefits

Build Lasting Relationships

Bill Pay yields key relationship benefits such as:

  • Increased wallet share: more accounts, increased balances, higher profitability
  • Retention: consumers are less likely to leave your institution when they are online bill payers
  • Reduced cost to serve: greater migration to self-care channels
  • Drives engagement: customers come back on a regular basis

Management Tools

D+H Bill Pay provides the necessary management tools financial institutions need.

  • Real Time Fraud Monitoring
  • Layered Approached to Risk Mitigation
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Trust and Security

All billing and payment data for your consumers is archived, plus we provide administrative and support tools to assist in consumer management.

Payment Fraud

ePayment Fraud for Bill Pay is an optional module that helps to identify and control fraud. This fraud monitoring service for customers using Bill Pay services includes transaction monitoring and alerting for scheduled bill payment activities.