Regulatory, compliance and security burdens, combined with the pressure to cut capital expenditure, are common problems for financial institutions.

Recognizing this, D+H’s C3 cloud solution helps to mitigate risk and achieve savings in annual infrastructure investment and has been designed with banks and credit unions in mind.

In a perfect world, employees would be able to access all data on financial systems and software programs - anytime, from anywhere on the local device and over a secured connection.

D+H’s C3 cloud solution brings us closer to that world.

It is the largest cloud-based solution focused on the financial industry, combining enterprise-class technology with unparalleled technical support. And, D+H’s expert IT team will manage the solution at a fraction of the cost of building and running it in-house.

It also helps to strengthen disaster and failover plans since disaster recovery and business continuity requirements can be managed more easily and less expensively with geographically distant and redundant data centers, offering always-on, anywhere online access.

Business Benefits

Reduced Capital Expenses

Moving from a capital expense model to a variable-based, operating expense model frees up financial resources for more strategic initiatives. And it’s not just the cost of developing or buying in the software, but the additional costs associated with the delivery, implementation and ongoing update of technology solutions. Add in the hidden costs of losing and hiring IT staff or hiring a third party vendor and simplifying the IT function within a cloud environment is clearly more cost-effective; and also frees up resource to focus on the business.

Easier System Management

The deployment of new systems across all desktops, combined with the ongoing task of upgrading and licensing all software programs is hugely resource-intensive. Switching to an all-encompassing cloud solution to do this from one, central location will reduce the burden and cut IT costs too.

Increased Reliability

The loss of productivity and cost associated with system downtime affects everyone in the organization; but bank customers and credit union members also suffer from not being able to access their accounts through their preferred delivery channel. D+H’s cloud solution mitigates the risk of these problems occurring.

Improved Employee Productivity

With a cloud-based solution, staff will have access to all data, systems and software applications at any time, wherever they are. This removes the need to duplicate data entry when off-site. It also allows staff to focus on the important business of serving clients - wherever they are.

Security Driven

D+H’s cloud-based solution will keep financial data off user devices and ensure it is stored solely on the appropriate back-end systems. These are monitored 24x7 by a dedicated team of security and technical professionals.

Greater Peace of Mind

D+H’s cloud solution is subject to multi-agency examination and reviewed by third-party audit and security organizations to ensure industry standards and regulatory compliance are met.