Card Payments ATM

A reliable ATM network provides a constant opportunity to extend the reach of a financial institution’s brand to existing and prospective cardholders:  when consumers need cash, they almost always visit the nearest ATM. Technology is a game-changer; and D+H can deliver the latest technological capabilities in this area. 

For both self-directed and managed ATM solutions, D+H’s advanced ATM driving services help to generate revenue and build the brand. Direct, network gateway services provide low-cost access to the regional and national networks selected. Consumers can be served as if they are in the branch - quickly and more easily. ATM systems and usage can be monitored for smarter target marketing and ATM EMV compliance.

Business Benefits

Improved ATM Network Operations

Card Payments ATM uses the Jeanie® network, one of the top five networks in the market. The innovative monitoring system continuously screens for changes across the network, resulting in increased ATM uptime, greater help-desk efficiency and reduced service calls for financial institutions.

Revenue-building with Another Marketing Channel

An ATM network is an opportunity to bring the financial institution’s brand to life. Instead of the barely legible ‘green-screen’ displays, Card Payments ATM provides customized messaging and colorful graphics and logos. And once the transaction has been completed, branding and marketing opportunities continue: customized receipt messages, printed coupons and other reminders are all part of detailed campaign packages that can be designed to meet individual needs.

A Personalized Experience

Consumer data surveys reveal the expectations of cardholders for a fast, easy and customized ATM experience. Card Payments ATM makes that a reality, with preference selections such as language, fast cash amounts, and receipt options. Shorter transaction times are an added bonus, with helpful features like the ability to deposit a mix of cash and check, to instantly verify check amounts and to access funds.

Resource Savings through Automation of Routine Tasks

Managing ATM services takes both time and attention. Card Payment ATM programs reduce downtime, protect ATM data and minimize the need for cardholders to have to go to other ATMs. Programs include Remote DES Keys, Electronic Journal Upload, Cash Management, Software Distribution, and ATM Deposit Automation.


Financial institutions benefit from real-time integration with D+H’s core solutions for streamlined operations.