Card Payments Debit

Debit card services such as issuing and processing can go a long way to promoting profitable, long-term relationships with cardholders. Reliable, secure and fast, D+H’s debit issuing and processing platform provides the flexibility that financial institutions need to offer their cardholders the best possible payment choices.

Card Payments Debit enables them to process all types of transactions on a common data platform, making debit card processing more efficient. Network neutrality means that the financial institution will have connectivity to all of the major national and regional networks - and the opportunity to choose those networks that offer the best solutions for them. The system supports MasterCard®, Visa® and American Express®, as well as providing global access to ATM and retail POS locations. This means that consumers are able to use their debit cards for cash withdrawals at any ATM and debit cards for purchases at any retail point-of-sale (POS) location anywhere in the world. 

Business Benefits

Increased Cardholder Satisfaction

Real-time processing of transactions provides the most up to date and accurate information possible, increasing service reliability and cardholder satisfaction. Cardholders benefit from 24/7 telephone and email support through Card Payments.

Financial institutions can also take advantage of two turnkey programs: Card Payments Rewards and Prewards. Rewards allow cardholders to earn points by making purchases on debit cards. Prewards allow financial institutions to offer real-time merchant discounts, so driving merchant traffic and increasing debit card usage. Technology savvy cardholders will appreciate digital wallet acceptance for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and others. Card Payments also offers MasterCard Digital Enablement service (MDES) and Visa Token Service (VTS).


Real-time fraud scoring leverages the power of a neural network to score all authorization requests. It identifies patterns of suspicious behavior and provides a score based on degree of risk. Real-time fraud scoring and real-time decisioning are highly effective in preventing fraud. And security doesn’t end when a purchase has been completed. Transactions are monitored after they have been authorized to identify suspicious PIN and signature activity. If any suspicious activities do occur, cardholders are notified to further prevent fraud.

Revenue Opportunities

Comprehensive analytics on debit card portfolio data is presented. Portfolio optimization services are available to increase debit card usage and revenue. The solution has processed billions of debit transactions and these provide valuable insight into understanding cardholders’ purchasing behaviors. Armed with this knowledge, financial institutions are better informed to grow their debit offering and identify new areas of revenue that will benefit the bottom line.

Convenient Debit Card Production

Financial institutions’ brands can be reinforced with D+H’s debit card production services. These include fully branded plastic cards designed to the organization’s specifications (EMV chip cards are available). Card Payments Debit also fulfills card requests and delivers to cardholders. It features instant issuing, and can be easily integrated with in-branch embossing machines. Temporary to permanent debit cards are also available; no embossing machines are required for these.

Streamlined Operations

Real-time integration with D+H's core solutions results in more streamlined operations. And with Card Payments Debit, financial institutions only need to rely on one support contact for all processor and core system EFT services, including transaction issues and network connectivity.

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