Consumer Credit Monitoring and Protection

D+H partners with financial institutions looking to enrich their core offerings with credit monitoring services.

D+H provides the credit monitoring services customers need to help them minimize the impact of financial fraud. These services include access to their credit reports and credit scores as well as alerts warning of significant changes to their credit bureau file.

Key features include:

  • Daily monitoring of credit files from Canada`s largest credit bureausĀ 
  • Alerts when there are significant changes to credit bureau files that may indicate potential fraud
  • Monthly credit score updates to track progress over time
  • Full quarterly credit reports to keep on top of credit information
  • Mobile App so customers can access credit alerts and information on the go

Partner with D+H today to help provide credit monitoring services to customers.

Business Benefits

Increased Customer Loyalty

The addition of value-add services can increase customer stickiness. Credit monitoring gives customers peace of mind as they know they will be informed of any changes to their credit information. Canadians are increasingly aware of the dangers of identity theft, so are likely to be receptive to the services financial institutions can leverage in this area. This in turn strengthens the customer relationship.

Enhanced Competitive Differentiation

The addition of a credit monitoring solution to the existing product range will help to differentiate a financial institution from competitors. The provision of this kind of customer-centric service that extends beyond the core offerings is an important consideration in a highly competitive banking environment.

Diversified Revenue Streams

This product enables financial institutions to create new revenue streams through cross-sell opportunities in core product categories. Plus, as a membership-based product, the organization will benefit from recurring fee income.