CreditQuest® Credit Manager

CreditQuest® Credit Manager is now part of Total Lending™, D+H’s end-to-end solution designed to support lenders throughout the lending workflow. To learn more, please visit the D+H Total Lending page.

CreditQuest Credit Manager is a complete solution for managing, reviewing and analyzing credit applications, significantly reducing commercial application turnaround times, while mitigating credit risk.

From this single scalable solution financial institutions can manage credit relationships throughout the entire credit lifecycle.

CreditQuest Credit Manager provides financial institutions with:

  • A complete solution for managing, reviewing and analyzing commercial, small business and retail lending applications.
  • A personal desktop that enables credit officers and credit analysts to see a personalized view of their work, including pending applications, alerts, exceptions and document ticklers.
  • Simplified, streamlined workflows.

CreditQuest Credit Manager enables financial institutions to:

  • Reduce turnaround time on applications and boost productivity by automating routine tasks, such as the production of credit memos and executive reports.
  • Increase efficiency through adaptive workflows, collaboration and common access to an electronic credit file.
  • Mitigate risk by enforcing credit management procedures for improving credit quality, standardizing workflow and tracking compliance with internal procedures and controls through an audit trail.
  • Improve customer service by utilizing aggregate information that supports the decision process and by handling customer credit interactions from a relationship-centric view. Higher levels of customer service lead to increased customer satisfaction and more renewals - both of which are imperative for a successful commercial lending operation.
  • Collect the information required, based on small and large business profiles, and implement approval workflows to move each credit file efficiently through the institution.


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