CreditQuest® Financial Analyzer

CreditQuest® Financial Analyzer is now part of Total Lending™, D+H’s end-to-end solution designed to support lenders throughout the lending workflow. To learn more, please visit the D+H Total Lending page.

CreditQuest Financial Analyzer reduces the time spent by credit officers and credit analysts in capturing, reviewing and analyzing their customers’ financial statements.

Financial statement analysis is one of the key processes in commercial lending and this solution helps to rate commercial customers by leveraging the information contained within their financial statements.

CreditQuest Financial Analyzer provides financial institutions with:

  • Unmatched flexibility in defining the financial models, including charts of accounts, model structures, line items, ratios and calculations.
  • Detailed financial models for commercial and individual entities; models that can be further configured to match an institution’s unique analytical needs.
  • Predefined templates appropriate to each entity for the easy capture of financial statement information.
  • Flexible user views to allow toggling between entry format and the analysis and reporting format.
  • A powerful formula editor to support sophisticated calculations, yet display the calculation basis in an easy-to-understand description.
  • Comprehensive peer analysis functionality so financial institutions can compare themselves against the industry standard, Risk Management Association, or in-house statements of specific peer or peer groups.
  • The ability to generate both consolidation and projection statements.

CreditQuest Financial Analyzer enables financial institutions to:

  • Increase efficiency by quickly capturing financial statements, automatically calculating financial ratios and generating instant reports.
  • Generate global cash-flow analysis, as well as capture details behind the numbers, for complete and accurate analysis.
  • Centrally manage customer financial data and statements, thereby improving risk rating capability and cutting the operational costs associated with data management.
  • Enter customer and facility-specific covenants within the solution to simplify tracking, improve follow-up, and have seamless integration with LaserPro to efficiently transfer all covenant data to your loan documentation.
  • Produce customized summaries or detailed reports of the analysis, containing statements, comparisons, graphs and user comments (using Microsoft Word), all available via Web access and subject to security restrictions.


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