CreditQuest® Portfolio Manager

CreditQuest® Portfolio Manager is now part of Total Lending™, D+H’s end-to-end solution designed to support lenders throughout the lending workflow. To learn more, please visit the D+H Total Lending page.

CreditQuest Portfolio Manager provides credit professionals with the metrics they need on credit risk, profitability and level of banking activity, from portfolio level down to the individual customer.

By leveraging all available data, CreditQuest Portfolio Manager highlights changes in real time so credit professionals can respond more quickly.

CreditQuest Portfolio Manager helps financial institutions to leverage risk-related information to identify credit concentrations, predict losses, measure portfolio profitability and analyze individual credits.

CreditQuest Portfolio Manager provides financial institutions with:

  • Powerful tools that enable a thorough and consistent analysis of the entire credit portfolio, with the ability to view and report on data from portfolio level down to individual accounts.
  • Flexible data segmentation so users can drill down into the portfolio to continuously monitor concentration levels by exposure, industry segment and geography.
  • Predefined routine reports in a gallery for ease of access and use.

CreditQuest Portfolio Manager enables financial institutions to:

  • Perform credit portfolio management and risk analysis effectively.
  • Shock the portfolio using multiple factors such as Collateral Value, Interest Rate, and debt service coverage
  • Leverage data from other CreditQuest Modules
  • Identify and track concentrations of credit, relationship profitability, industry sector exposures and trends, credit risk at portfolio or customer level, and business volume changes.
  • View historical banking activity levels, perform trend analysis, highlight irregular trends or sub-par performance and drill down to uncover the causes.
  • Create detailed and summary business intelligence reports in minutes, providing real-time data, graphs and comments in a clear and actionable format.
  • Select from over 50 standard reports such as defined peer groups for comparative analysis or expiring credits - or create custom reports using the templates provided. 


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