CreditQuest® Rating Manager

CreditQuest® Rating Manager is now part of Total Lending™, D+H’s end-to-end solution designed to support lenders throughout the lending workflow. To learn more, please visit the D+H Total Lending page.

CreditQuest Rating Manager is a flexible software solution that enables financial institutions to deploy and use a wide range of risk rating models.

The solution supports models that incorporate borrower demographics, elements of financial statements, management quality assessments, industry segment risk, related parties, account activity, quality of collateral, real-time exception alerts, and more. Information available to the financial institution regarding counterparties, facilities and collateral may be aggregated in the models automatically. In addition, CreditQuest Rating Manager can enforce the business workflow necessary to enter and approve ratings - including support for authorized rating override adjustments.

CreditQuest Rating Manager provides financial institutions with:

  • An easy-to-use solution to manage the entire risk rating business process.
  • The ability to support multiple models.
  • A personalized desktop that displays individual and workgroup ratings status.
  • A simplified, streamlined process for data rating entry.
  • Context-sensitive credit policy guidelines.
  • Detailed results and validation audits.

CreditQuest Rating Manager enables financial institutions to:

  • Make better risk decisions by including risk rating as a key element in the credit approval process.
  • Deploy most types of internal risk rating models.
  • Automate retrieval of in-file supporting information, such as value of financial statement items, demographics, credit bureau scores and account information.
  • Route a risk rating between peers or to a supervisor for review and final approval.
  • Assign a Probability of Default (PD) and log historical data for analytical reporting.


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