Digital Banking Business

A new generation of financial technology is here with D+H Digital Banking Business, a multi-application, seamless way to give your small business account holders access to manage their buying and payment needs from any device or browser. Offering highly intuitive and flexible features, D+H Digital Banking Business has the tools needed to fulfill on the promise of making the digital channel a revenue-generating opportunity. Geared towards retail bankers that support the small business customer segment, our small business product represents the next-generation of mobile and Internet banking technology. D+H Digital Banking Business provides more common functionality needed for business owners that are typically not met with traditional mobile or Internet banking products. Our innovative approach and infrastructure provides significant advantages in functionality and flexibility, allowing you to exceed small business customer expectations and beat the digital offerings of your competitors.

A Day in the Life with D+H Digital Banking for Banks


A Day in the Life with D+H Digital Banking for Credit Unions

Business Benefits

Exceptional Usability

D+H Digital Banking Business makes conducting business an easy and personalized experience. Small business owners can easily move money via unified payments and collections tool (ACH and Wire) as well as synchronize transactions with seamless integration to their accounting software. Improved productivity is gained with real-time alerts for transactions and approvals. Our mobile experience suite also empowers businesses with control over user permissions and customized individual access.

Innovative Features

Create mobility around the unique needs of the small business customer. Basic user entitlements and administrative permissions provide comprehensive access to manage multiple businesses and personal accounts using one login across multiple channels. With user permissions, workflows and self-service assistance tools, users can access account management, payment tools while maintaining control with approval requirements. Our security by design philosophy enables an additional layer of authentication at login and throughout to mitigate fraud and unapproved access.

Core System Integrations

D+H believes that robust, fully real-time core integration is essential to the user experience in order to meet the demands of a savvy mobile or desktop user. Our interfaces include in-house and data center hosted solutions. Plus, D+H Digital Banking Business integrates with D+H’s dynamic core systems — UltraData® and PhoenixEFE® — as well as with many outside core solutions providers.

Superior User Experience

With its streamlined, user-friendly user experience, D+H Digital is convenient, secure, easily accessible, and personalized to benefit the needs of the user.

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