Digital Banking Consumer

D+H Digital Banking Consumer is the next-generation of mobile and browser banking technology. No matter what device is being used, e.g., smart phone, tablet, wearable, or desktop, consumers will have the exact same experience. From how the application looks to how it performs, account holders have a consistent interface. This innovative approach and infrastructure provides significant advantages in functionality and flexibility, allowing you to exceed customer and member expectations and beat the digital offerings of competitors.

A Day in the Life with D+H Digital Banking for Banks


A Day in the Life with D+H Digital Banking for Credit Unions

Business Benefits

Exceptional Usability

D+H Digital Banking Consumer is created with the end-user in mind. Superior usability is attained by providing a simple to use and easy to understand user interface. Whether a smartphone, tablet, desktop or watch, each experience can be completely customized by the financial institution to match brand guidelines and identity. The focus is on creating a series of memorable experiences for the end-user.

Innovative Features

Our best-in-class technology partners coupled with our all-encompassing experience platform allows your consumers access to first-in-market innovative self-service features such as PicturePay, Debit Card on/off and person-to-person payments. With D+H, mobile banking delivers the leading-edge functionality needed to deliver new services and potential revenue opportunities for your financial institution across all channels, on one platform.

Core System Integrations

Robust, fully real-time core integration is essential to the user experience in order to meet the demands of a savvy mobile or desktop user. Our interfaces include in-house and data center hosted solutions. Plus, D+H Digital Banking Consumer integrates with D+H’s dynamic core systems - UltraData® and PhoenixEFE® - as well as with many outside core solutions providers.

Superior User Experience

With its streamlined, user-friendly user experience, D+H Digital is convenient, secure, easily accessible, and personalized to benefit the needs of the user.

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