Encore® Suite

It is becoming more and more difficult to provide the best possible service and still increase profitability in today’s highly competitive market. Yet, Encore®, the leading customer relationship management and branch automation solution, helps financial institutions to do just that. This solution allows financial institutions to differentiate themselves from competitors by arming them with a complete profile of client relationships and activities. Encore is tightly integrated with Touché® Analyzer, Touché Messenger, DecisionPro™, uOpen™, and MortgagebotLOS™.

The Encore Suite combines transaction processing, sales, service and customer relationship management in a single solution that enables financial institutions to leverage the power of the branch to improve profitability, deliver better service and operate more efficiently. Encore is an easy-to-use solution that supports a universal agency model to provide access to client profiles, built-in cash machine integration and check image capture for improved accuracy and speed.

Encore Teller combines maximum processing flexibility and effectiveness with robust host integration, balancing, reporting, and productivity features. The solution includes support for teller referrals, for cross-selling in the course of a transaction, built-in cash machine integration, teller image capture for improved accuracy and speed - plus currency transaction reporting to reduce fraud. 

Encore Sales & Service supports account servicing, contact management, referrals and sales opportunities tracking and account opening in busy branches or in the call center.


Encore Designer - Encore Designer software provides financial institutions with the in-house ability to customize Encore to fit the institution’s specific requirements via two levels of customization.

Encore LoanDirector - Encore LoanDirector completely automates the loan origination process from sale to closing.

Encore Channel Services

Choice System Integration

Business Benefits

Enhanced Sales Experience for both Consumers and Staff

Bringing in new sales and delivering exceptional service are a sure way to grow the business. Encore Sales & Service streamlines the new account opening process and gives front-line employees access to the important relationship information, service history and sales opportunities they need. Contacts and calendars can be managed easily and service and sales tracked. This is good for operational effectiveness – and for relationship building too.

Higher Levels of Customer Service

Unlike some solutions, Encore captures client activity across all channels within the financial institution. A history of channel activity is available from the client profile, empowering employees who can then have an informed discussion with customers. For example, if a customer has already talked to someone at the call center about their mortgage, the associate at the branch is aware of that and knows how they can add to the conversation. Or, if a customer is attempting to open an account online, the associate at the branch would be able to view details of this activity.

Improved Sales and Cross-Selling

Encore Client Profile provides access to marketing information and household details for enhanced business analytics from Touché Analyzer - and direct marketing capability by presenting product offers from Touché Messenger. Encore also displays automated marketing message prompts within transactions to improve sales and referrals from the teller line.

Easier Compliance

Encore streamlines the hold process for determining the availability of funds during transaction processing. It also simplifies the work needed for Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR) by automatically accumulating cash transactions across branches and preparing the appropriate electronic file for transmission to the Bank Secrecy Act site, while also providing the details that auditors want to see.

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