Item Processing

D+H’s Item Processing solutions give financial institutions the flexible item processing and deposit automation solutions they need. These proven solutions help to maximize operational efficiency, increase productivity and improve the overall workflow of financial institutions - while also offering convenient services for customers. With these solutions, financial institutions are able to take advantage of the efficiency envisaged by Check 21.

Find out more about D+H’s payments solutions:

  • ActiveView® Item Processing - A high-performance, image-enabled item processing solution designed to improve balancing efficiency and the overall workflow of financial institutions.
  • ActiveView Statement Printing - A statement production and distribution service that allows financial institution to eliminate the inefficiency of printing and mailing statements in-house.
  • ActiveView Teller Capture - A comprehensive, image-based transaction processing solution that enables frontline employees to capture images of checks, deposit slips, payment coupons and other items at the teller line.