LaserPro® Consumer Lending

LaserPro® Consumer Lending is now part of Total Lending™, D+H’s end-to-end solution designed to support lenders throughout the lending workflow. To learn more, please visit the D+H Total Lending page.

LaserPro Consumer Lending enables consumer applications to be processed quickly from cross-selling to closing, while maintaining loan documentation compliance. It includes multi-state lending, interstate branching and collateral documentation for all 50 states.

In this age of real-time technologies, fast decisions and even faster document preparation are crucial to success as a consumer lender. Customers want loan processing in hours - even minutes, and LaserPro Consumer Lending delivers to these timescales and offers much more besides: enhanced origination and processing functionality, multi-state lending, interstate branching and collateral documentation for 51 U.S. jurisdictions, for example.

LaserPro Consumer Lending provides financial institutions with:

  • The ability to process a consumer loan application from beginning to end, while generating compliant documents based on the status of the loan decision.
  • Multi-directional access to credit report vendors.
  • The ability to add on multi-directional access to flood hazard determination vendors.
  • A standard product feature that enables them to create loan templates, expedite and standardize consumer loan processing and create consistent documents, loan after loan.
  • The ability to customize application data entry workflows, as well as the printed application itself, to tailor application data entry to their policies.

LaserPro Consumer Lending enables financial institutions to:

  • Manage compliance with TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) requirements. The solution produces the loan estimate, the closing disclosure and other required documents.
  • Generate applications, disclosures and closing documents that are compliant with federal regulations, including personal and home equity lines of credit and purchase money HELOCs.
  • Use multiple payment types: installment, interest only, single-pay, balloon and construction-permanent payment types.
  • Lend to individual and trust borrowers.
  • Use multiple collateral types: titled, real estate, UCC and possessory (e.g. stocks, bonds and deposit accounts).
  • Create loan templates that expedite and standardize processing and create consistent documents, loan after loan.
  • Reduce paper with D+H’s in-branch eSignature solution ProSign®, or sign and distribute documents remotely through D+H’s tightly integrated alliance with eLynx.


Bar Code - Bar coding documents prior to scanning makes it easy for the imaging system to auto-index the documents and allows for quick and easy retrieval throughout the business. Bar coding, however, can be a time consuming task.

E-Print Connect™ - E-Print Connect for LaserPro and DepositPro® handles document delivery needs, enabling LaserPro and DepositPro documents to be sent by email.

GeoPro® - GeoPro for LaserPro and DepositPro standardizes and geocodes addresses to reduce the cost of mailings and to help you better target your sales campaigns.

IT Planning - D+H’s IT Planning service helps financial institutions to evaluate their current infrastructure and use of D+H applications and their alignment with strategic business and IT plans.

ProSign - ProSign helps to implement a paperless process and eliminate the need to scan most documents after they have been signed.

Reports and Forms - D+H designs and produces specialized reports for managers and executives to ensure they have the up-to-date and accurate information they need at their fingertips.

Upgrade Assistance - D+H’s experts ensure that the latest versions of D+H software and systems are running and that clients are aware of the new features and functionality available to optimize usage and productivity.

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