MortgagebotPOS™ is a web-based solution that allows lenders to receive accurate, qualified applications through every point-of-sale channel: consumer-direct via the Internet, in the branch or call center, or through professional loan officers.

MortgagebotPOS is cloud-based, so borrowers have the option of completing an application in one channel or moving seamlessly between channels, depending on their needs and preferences. This web‐based technology allows users to explore rates, fees and products; complete an application in minutes; get instant approvals; and receive immediate online disclosures—anywhere they have Internet access.

An exciting new feature of MortgagebotPOS is MortgagebotMobile. MortgagebotMobile allows users to efficiently submit error free loan applications from their mobile device directly to their lender. Intuitive, responsive design uses input from end users to display only the parts of the application that apply to their situation.

MortgagebotPOS supports all mortgage lending channels:

  • Direct – for online, self-serve borrowers (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile optimized)
  • Advisor – for branch staff and call center representatives
  • Pro – for professional loan officers

MortgagebotPOS enables financial institutions to:

  • Meet the rising consumer demand for online and mobile options
  • Showcase your brand as innovative in your markets with cutting-edge UX design
  • Maximize every branch opportunity - even if a loan officer isn’t available
  • Make loan officers more productive and mobile
  • Sharpen their competitive edge now and in the future
  • Replace outdated, manual processes to save time and money
  • Streamline the application, pricing, disclosure and approval process
  • Remove compliance complexity and bottlenecks to drive efficiency and profitability

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