NetCapture™ Branch

NetCapture™ Branch is a back-counter branch capture solution for financial institutions looking to centralize item processing.

Financial institutions of all sizes face increasing pressure to cut costs and streamline processes as online and mobile banking services take over the traditional role of ‘brick-and-mortar’ branches. And while aging teller and check processing systems being used in the branch network are expensive to maintain, they are even more expensive to replace. Plus, most branch image capture systems prove unwieldy and require drastic changes in item processing flow.

NetCapture Branch gives financial institutions a way of cutting branch costs and improving item processing without having to radically change their processing environment or replace systems. By extending the life and usability of the incumbent business systems, NetCapture Branch delivers a sophisticated and flexible back-office system for check truncation and consolidation, using configurable workflow to collect, aggregate, perfect and route captured items. With options for deployment in-house or from a service bureau, financial institutions can distribute keying work across existing operations or opt to use D+H's keying service.

Business Benefits

Leaner Branch Operations

Reduced operating costs, lower paper handling and faster electronic check truncation, electronic clearing and settlement result in significant financial savings; while D+H’s optional keying and balancing services will further reduce the costs associated with in-house support. The solution enables work to be done virtually anywhere with a wide distribution of system clients, and by eliminating the need for multiple courier runs across the branch network, transportation costs may be reduced.

Minimal Impact For Maximum Returns

NetCapture Branch leverages the incumbent business systems, so deployment is quicker than with traditional branch capture solutions. Flexibility, combined with multiple integration options, ensure a perfect fit, resulting in streamlined processes and lower item processing costs. D+H provides a range of client applications to facilitate data entry, risk review and transaction balancing. The platform routes jobs automatically to the appropriate process or client application to complete the image workflow that has been defined. The NetCapture Branch Platform acts as an integration point for the company’s business systems, making it easier to complete daily operations. Efficiencies and savings gained by streamlining operations can be further increased if the system is deployed from D+H's service bureau, an SSAE 16 certified service bureau offering the highest standards of physical and logical security, disaster recovery, business continuity, data backup and optional outsourcing services.

Improved Customer Service

Cut-off times for the branch and for each consumer’s deposit window can be extended by expanding the branch footprint without increasing infrastructure costs. The faster, more reliable processing of deposits will also help to improve consumer satisfaction.