NetCapture™ Mobile RDC

Despite the rapid growth in consumer and commercial use of mobile devices to carry out financial transactions, some US institutions remain unable to provide the mobile services their customers expect. Mobile remote deposit capture (RDC) tops the list of features in demand. The provision of mobile RDC for smartphones and tablets can be a market differentiator and could attract new business. Some financial institutions, however, are not sure how to proceed with a mobile strategy, how to incorporate mobile technology, how to ensure the security of mobile services and how to manage mobile services alongside existing channels.

NetCapture™ Mobile RDC is an integrated and standalone mobile remote deposit capture solution. As an early provider of remote deposit technologies for top financial institutions, and with millions of mobile deposits processed monthly through its systems, D+H brings a wealth of expertise to the this market. D+H's mobile services are configurable, so will meet the mobile strategy needs of most companies, offering both integrated and standalone deployment options to suit both smartphone and tablet applications.

Centralized and configurable risk mitigation, fraud prevention, reporting and monitoring features ensure FFIEC and regulatory compliance as well as complete visibility and control over mobile RDC.

NetCapture Mobile integrates seamlessly with the company’s existing mobile application to enable mobile deposits.

NetCapture Mobile Express provides an extensible mobile platform, loaded with mobile RDC, and with the additional capability to add mobile services such as mobile payment or integration with a core banking system.

Business Benefits

Easy to Use

A simple workflow with intuitive user interfaces guides users of all levels through the capture and submittal of a mobile deposit. Alternatively, the institution can integrate its own customized workflow to fit user requirements.

Supports Any Mobile Strategy

For financial institutions looking to expand their mobile services with money movement features, D+H's mobile RDC solutions include configurable business rules and scalable processes to support virtually any mobile strategy. NetCapture Mobile fits within an institution’s existing mobile platform for a seamless user experience. NetCapture Mobile Express allows the roll-out of mobile RDC to specific customer segments or, with further customization, will provide a complete mobile platform to support mobile RDC plus additional mobile services.

Ensures Security and Compliance

The introduction of mobile RDC raises new concerns about security and control. With this in mind, D+H's mobile RDC encrypts all user and deposit data, stores no sensitive information on the mobile device and provides centralized and secure web-based configurations, monitoring and reporting to support full regulatory and FFIEC compliance for RDC. Where deployment is via the service bureau, centralized servers are housed within D+H's SSAE 16 certified service bureau, which benefits from the highest standards of physical and logical security, disaster recovery, business continuity and data backup.

High Levels of Proven Expertise

More than a decade of experience in providing RDC to top financial institutions has informed D+H's best practices and standards for technology, security and architecture. This ensures that customers are well-equipped to compete in the marketplace.