Phoenix™ International

Despite today’s challenging economic and regulatory environment, financial institutions can deliver high-quality services and products with unprecedented levels of efficiency and personalization. With the right technology solutions, they are able to compete more effectively and differentiate themselves, so capturing market share while benefiting from operational efficiency at the same time.

Phoenix™ System International takes an enterprise-wide approach to technology that breaks through the functional silos of legacy systems, streamlines service delivery and produces both a superior customer experience and transformational efficiency gains.

This is the solution banks have been waiting for to overcome such challenges and respond to demands for improved service; in short, a solution to help them leverage opportunities while growing profitably.

Business Benefits

Cost Reduction

Switching to Phoenix System International can help banks to save money in areas such as customer online self-service channels, loan and account servicing, regulatory compliance, system administration and customer account management. Use of a single, Microsoft® SQL Server database and Phoenix™ System International web services integration keeps the core open and enables a more complete customer view to be achieved, while also increasing operational efficiency.

Easier Account Management

Built using Microsoft® technology, Phoenix System International includes relationship management tools and support for self-service and branch channels, combined with commercial, consumer and mortgage lending capabilities. A unique feature of Phoenix System International is that additional modules such as teller, collections, relationship pricing and card management are all housed inside a single international database.

Increased Operational Efficiency

The integration of multiple, disparate systems into PhoenixEFE® delivers operational efficiency in areas such as solution integration, document and imaging management, security and employee training. And the higher level of employee engagement and increased time savings that result allow staff to focus on growing the business and, more importantly, on better serving the bank’s customers.

Designed for International Operations

The Phoenix System International platform supports the diverse core processing needs of financial institutions globally. Approximately half of D+H’s clients are located outside the United States. Within this high performance core solution, multi-currency transactions from around the world can be processed easily and accurately.

Client Testimonials