Community and commercial banks are under pressure to grow profitably while also improving operational efficiency. Unfortunately, many of the legacy core platforms still in use by banks are unable to provide the up-to-date, secure and integrated solution needed in today’s competitive financial environment.

D+H’s award-winning PhoenixEFE® core solution is a true enterprise product, integrating proprietary systems and third-party solutions into a single comprehensive platform to provide exceptional access for all staff for improved customer service.

PhoenixEFE can be delivered from a service bureau or to an in-house environment, giving banks the flexibility and scalability they need to grow.

The result is a technology foundation that will help them to manage risk proactively, offer competitive products and services, improve operational efficiency – all while delivering the highest service levels to customers.

Business Benefits

Easier Account Management

With a Microsoft® look and feel, PhoenixEFE provides a full 360 degree view of each customer’s accounts, with their household and any business relationship accounts also included. This means that front-line staff can easily see the whole account relationship, with single sign-on access and just a couple of clicks. An integrated five-step account opening tool using dynamic documents also saves them time, freeing them up to explore other potential offerings and discover cross-sell opportunities.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Integrating multiple, disparate systems into PhoenixEFE results in operational efficiencies in areas such as solution integration, document and imaging management, security and employee training. The higher level of employee engagement and time savings that follow will allow staff to focus on growing the business and, more importantly, on better serving the bank’s customers.

More Consistent Omni-channel Experience

Whenever and wherever they interact with a financial institution, consumers expect a consistent experience - in-branch, over the phone, online or across any other automated delivery channel. The same holds true for the employee experience when it comes to technology solutions. PhoenixEFE Core provides a simple, effective and consistent experience for both consumers and employees, which helps to increase employee productivity and promote customer loyalty.

Client Testimonials