Total Analytics

Powered by Touché®

Total Analytics, Powered by Touché®, gathers and aggregates your customers’ current relationships, behaviors and lifestyle attributes to help you more clearly see where opportunities for growth and profitability lie. More importantly, Total Analytics makes this information actionable by expanding access across the enterprise – from the executive suite to the branch management.

Total Analytics gives you a holistic view of cross-sell ratios, profitability and other key relationship performance indicators amassed by individuals, households, employee, or by branch and region so that your leadership can make logical and strategic decisions:

  • Aggregates and delivers information you need to positively affect retention and cross-sell
  • Helps executives better understand and track opportunities for market expansion
  • Provides a basis for where the best opportunities for deposit and loan acquisition lie
  • Identifies performance objectives by branch and region
  • Gives a view of which products are performing and underperforming