Total Lending™ Complete

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Promote sustainable growth and operational efficiency with a 360° view of all relationships throughout the entire lending lifecycle.

Total Lending™ Complete offers lenders a comprehensive end-to-end commercial credit management system that brings origination, analysis, underwriting, documentation and executive reporting together in a collaborative, streamlined solution.

Credit Manager offers lenders a comprehensive and flexible workflow for managing, reviewing and analyzing credit applications.

Executive Risk Manager enables lenders to deploy an array of risk rating models and be provided with the needed metrics and reporting on credit risk, profitability and level of banking activity, from portfolio to the customer.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce turnaround time and boost productivity by automating credit memos, tasks and reports
  • Drive revenue growth through adaptive workflows, collaboration and common access to electronic files and document management
  • Mitigate credit risk and regulatory costs with a compliant, standardized process