Total Lending™ Essential

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Simplify and standardize the origination, processing and document preparation for lending.

Total Lending™ Essential provides everything banks and credit unions need to originate, process, and  document commercial and consumer loans.

Configurable document preparation to streamline small business and consumer loans or carefully craft complex commercial deals with confidence that the documents are compliant in every state.

Automation of the origination and processing of your consumer, mortgage and commercial loan requests while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Integration with over 70 core banking systems to quickly and directly pull in client data.

An intuitive SBA workflow which streamlines the entire SBA lending process and boosts the efficiency of the small business lending process.

Compliant deposit account opening documents and workflow tools to address the myriad of tasks required to open a new account.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve quality of service through standardization and consistency
  • Gain speed and precision by keying in data only once
  • Assure regulatory adherence with dynamic, compliant documents