Total Messaging for Corporates

In today’s volatile business environment, corporations are under daily pressure to reduce costs, minimize risk, improve efficiency and cash visibility within their payments and treasury operations. Corporates can face considerable challenges in coordinating the many bank accounts and multiple bank communication channels that are needed for effective treasury and cash management. Growing message volumes, coupled with the need to submit transactions in an increasing variety of message formats, compound the challenge.

Total Messaging for Corporates supplies all of the connectors, integration and plugins required for conversion, compliance and reconciliation. It is also designed to accommodate the latest formatting standards in transaction banking and hence ensures that customer’s technology investment is protected both now and in the future. The product ensures that all changes coming from interbank service and regional market standards providers are maintained.

Total Messaging for Corporates is channel agnostic, meaning all features and functionality is independent of the transport used for transmission to the correspondent bank, such as SWIFT FIN, SWIFT FileAct, Bank FTP Portal, Host-to-Host, EBIC’s and BACS to name a few, thereby allowing customers to successfully standardize and integrate treasury and payments processes across multiple channels.

Business Benefits

Timely and Comprehensive Cash Visibility

Enterprise-wide cash visibility ensures the Corporates understand the details of their global cash positions and allows them to make the appropriate Treasury funding decisions.  Formats of statements received from banks are checked and alarms are raised in case of error or missing sequence. Each bank can use different transports and/or different formats, whilst intraday operations are integrated and provides visibility of future balances for cash previsioning.

Standardized Processing

One of the biggest challenges of being a global corporation is having to process the abundance of banking formats and standards that exists across globe. Total Messaging for Corporates is channel agnostic, meaning features are independent of the transport used for transmission to the correspondent bank, allowing for successful standardization and integration to other treasury and payments processes across multiple channels and technical formats.

Reduces Cost

With the new Total Messaging for Corporates technology, processing transactions through the gateway will be faster, more precise and less costly, both because manual processes will be significantly reduced and also due to full or part decommissioning of a Corporates own banking technology infrastructure. The new technology will accommodate high volumes of transactions with a target of 1 million transactions per hour.

Increases Operational Efficiency

Total Messaging for Corporates is designed to operate for multiple languages, different time zones, and different regulations with advanced straight-through-processing. This means that users can set rules appropriately, communicate with counterparties globally and access the correct information, any time, any place and in any language. Ultimately, this significantly reduces the time and effort required to conduct payments operations on a global scale. Search algorithms based on the advanced technologies also used by Google and Amazon significantly reduce the time and effort required to drill down and query the data.

Reduces Project Risk

Integration with existing payments and treasury systems is a great concern during any SWIFT onboarding project, particularly for corporate treasury departments. Total Messaging for Corporates integrates seamlessly with other payments, ERP and treasury management systems greatly reducing the time, risk and cost of SWIFT onboarding. Having on-boarded more than 13% of the corporate marketplace, D+H has a long and deep history of successfully onboarding customers and is repeatedly sought out because of its expertise in this area.

Improves Usability, Accessibility and Transparency

Total Messaging for Corporates uses a Web 2.0 based interface which meets the highest requirements in terms of usability and gives all users full access to the platform and its applications anytime from any computer in the organization. A browser-based model also means that customers can benefit from upgrades and add-ons that D+H develops quickly and easily without needing to invest in time consuming and costly software upgrades. Training and online help can also be easily accessed via the web-based technology.

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