Total Messaging

With firms facing pressure to reduce costs, improve operations and meet regulatory requirements, the sheer volume of payment messages to be managed daily is a heavy burden. Today, banks and corporations must manage thousands or even millions of payment messages in numerous payment warehouses around the world. This is expensive and complicated – involving numerous counterparties, currencies, languages, time zones and regulations as well as introducing considerable risk. 

D+H’s financial messaging solution introduces automation to improve efficiency, reduce risk and save time and money. Over 33 million messages are processed each month through our secure data centers on three continents. Our platform integrates easily with other banking applications and provides message conversion connectivity to interbank services such as SWIFT, CREST, Fed, CHIPS, and SIC. Clients can communicate with FIN or FUND messages and control their file flow. Using the platform, institutions will save time and increase efficiency through global functionality, advanced straight through processing, web-based technology and advanced drill down/query capabilities. Seamless integration with payments and treasury systems reduces the risk and costs associated with onboarding. It is available on premise or through a multi-tenant hosted solution.

Business Benefits

Reduces Cost

With Total Messaging’s new technology, processing transactions through the gateway is faster, more precise and less costly, both because firms can decommission some existing systems and warehouses, but also because they can reduce their mainframe systems significantly, resulting in substantial cost savings. The new technology will accommodate high volumes of transactions with processing capability of 1 million transactions per hour.

Increases Operational Efficiency

The solution supports multiple languages, time zones, and regulations with advanced straight-through-processing. This means that users can set rules appropriately, communicate with counterparties globally, and access the correct information any time, any place and in any language. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to conduct payments operations on a global scale. Search algorithms based on advanced technologies also used by the likes of Google and Amazon reduce the time and effort required to drill down and query the data.

Reduces Project Risk

Integration with existing payments and treasury systems is a great concern during any SWIFT onboarding project, particularly for corporate treasury departments. Total Messaging integrates seamlessly with other payment, ERP and TMS systems, greatly reducing the time, risk and cost of onboarding.

Improves Usability, Accessibility and Transparency

Total Messaging uses a Web 2.0 based interface which meets the highest requirements in terms of usability, giving all users full access to the platform and its applications anytime from any computer. A browser-based model enables low-cost upgrades, easy access and investment protection.

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