Total Treasury Mobile

A global cash management solution that supports the complex needs of multi-country corporate banking from a single implementation with multi-delivery channels including internet, smartphone and tablet.

Today, corporate treasurers want more from mobile banking technology than the balance-inquiry and money-transfer capability offered to consumers and small businesses. Advanced functionality, such as the ability to approve transactions (wire and payroll batches) and initiate payments has become a requirement. Corporate treasurers need easy access to a real-time (or near real-time) consolidated global view of their cash positions; and they need more analytical tools to enable them to perform these new responsibilities effectively. Added to this is the need to conduct business ‘on the move’ to ensure that they remain productive while out of the office.

Total Treasury Mobile supports multiple users and real-time synchronization between the desktop application and mobile devices, enabling corporate banking customers to access critical transaction information anytime, anywhere. With Total Treasury Mobile, banking customers can receive real-time notifications on transaction status, view current and previous account balances, approve payment transactions, run queries and initiate payments. Total Treasury Mobile enables users to place requisitions or instructions for investments, including deposits, loans and market investments.

Business Benefits

Enhances Decision Support for Treasurers ‘On-the-Go’

Corporate treasurers can lookup current and previous balances with detailed and graphical summaries of individual and consolidated corporate accounts. Total Treasury Mobile allows corporate treasurers to manage liquidity, including surplus/deficit values, view the last ‘n’ days balance summaries, average balances, interest rate on accounts and overdraft limits. It provides access to a consolidated accounts summary over time and the ability to pull or push funds from or into their own accounts. Users can receive a list of transactions pending approval, view and then approve or decline these in real-time.

Saves Time & Improves Operational Efficiency

Corporate treasurers can run queries from a mobile device to quickly drill down into accounts and transactions. Details of each transaction, its payment status and the stage it has reached in the payment lifecycle can be easily accessed. The ability to offer mobile facilities will result in increased transaction flow and therefore greater real-time visibility of corporate finances.

Facilitates Growth While Managing Risk

For banks, the ability to provide mobile transaction banking services meets the growing demand from corporates. By offering mobile, banks have an additional platform from which to offer a suite of chargeable modules and services, thus deepening the relationship with their clients. With the availability of mobile 24/7 this will in turn increase transaction volumes and associated revenues.