Touché® Analyzer

Touché® Analyzer gives unprecedented insight into consumer needs and behavior, providing everyone in the organization with a consistent, 360 degree customer view. This enables financial institutions to improve service levels, generate sales, guide their strategic plan and price products competitively. The end result will be increased profitability and enhanced consumer loyalty.

Every organization wants to increase financial strength and every feature in Touché Analyzer has been built with that goal in mind: a sound, three-pronged consumer strategy, including acquisition, retention and organic growth can be managed effectively using this solution. Touché Analyzer provides all the research, reporting and campaign management tools that financial institutions need, enabling them to:

  • Refine and use product and relationship profitability
  • Increase market share
  • Increase wallet share
  • Segment customers
  • Profile customers
  • Maximize the return on the investment (ROI)of promotions through target-marketing
  • Reduce expenses
  • Benefit from a holistic approach to managing relationships by getting a single view of both retail and business relationships

Specifically, Touché Analyzer provides:

  • Research
  • Reporting
  • Measurement
  • Production
  • Interfaces to core and third-party systems, and to demographic data
  • Profitability figures
  • Segmentation
  • Targeted contact lists


Touché Messenger - Touché Messenger is a fully-automated, multi-channel, one-to-one interaction management solution. It enables the design and delivery of highly-targeted marketing messages through every point of contact.

ListExpert - ListExpert™ for Touché Analyzer is the perfect solution for prospect marketing. ListExpert supports the input and management of lists of names (both customer and non-customer) from virtually any source, for targeting or analysis.

Demographic Enhancement - Demographic Enhancement combines business intelligence from Touché Analyzer with regional or global demographics, market research and behavioral modeling techniques to enable financial institutions to access actionable information as quickly as possible.

Prospect Lists - D+H’s experts can provide qualified prospecting lists that will enhance the overall marketing and sales efforts of financial institutions. Using robust analytical tools, they can target segments, specific geographies, or multiple criteria and then procure the appropriate prospect list.

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