Real-time Payments Solution Test Environment

Provides banks simulated connectivity to real-time payment networks to experience the benefits and capabilities first-hand.

Around the world, the momentum behind real-time payments – or ‘immediate payments’ – is growing. Many countries have already implemented or scheduled launch dates for real-time payments, with Celent estimating that the number could soon rise to 140 countries.

Next to take the plunge is the U.S., with the launch of The Clearing House’s real-time payments network. While some early adopters are already actively testing capabilities, many banks are still grappling with key challenges: developing the business case, assessing the operating impact of 24/7 availability, and prioritizing which services to offer without a large upfront investment in payments transformation.

D+H’s cloud-based test environment helps banks address these challenges by providing quick, easy and low-risk access to U.S. real-time payments clearing networks, including The Clearing House, via a simulator model. The test environment includes D+H’s real-time payments solution, web and mobile digital channels, allowing banks to explore a wide range of real-time payment use cases, including B2B, B2C, C2B and P2P payments.

Using D+H’s integrated open API layer, banks have the option to directly connect their own payment channels and apps to the environment for end-to-end testing. With a fully simulated back-office for accounting, fraud and reporting, D+H’s U.S. real-time test environment enables banks to experience real-time payments first-hand, with minimal investment and zero integration effort.

For more information, download the real-time payments test environment product sheet or learn more about D+H’s real-time payments solution.