CEB: Commercial Loan Origination Systems Market Update

Analyst Viewpoint

CEB: Commercial Loan Origination Systems Market Update

September 01, 2016
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Commercial lending technology is the second oldest installation at most financial institutions, according to research from CEB.

52% of executives expect to increase spend on the latest new commercial lending technology in order to keep up and move ahead. At the same time, lower interest rates and high costs are squeezing margins, but new partnerships as well as innovative technologies are helping closing the gap as lenders look to grow and compete more effectively.

See what the future may hold, and its effects on your plans to upgrade a CLO system:

  • Read CEB’s analysis of D+H solutions to see how their features stack up to meet the needs of an evolving commercial lending market.
  • For an in-depth view of the state of commercial lending, and the effect of changes in competition and regulation on CLO technology, register to download the full report from CEB Commercial Banking, Commercial Lending: The Imperative to Evolve.
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