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Centerstate’s Chris Nichols Explores Fads, And the Future in Banking Technology

April 18, 2017

Banking is an industry that is being completely reshaped by technology. The ways that most customers interacted with their financial institutions in modern times was unchanged for decades. The last several years has seen the introduction of online channels that has called the future of bank branches into question.

And, according to bankers, the biggest changes are still to come.

Spencer Cook interviewed Chris Nichols, Chief Strategy Officer of Centerstate Bank, to find out the major technological trends that are shaping the banking space now and how it would change the face of banking in the future.

Nichols also discussed whether chatbots, machine learning, and blockchain were fads, or the future of the industry.

The interview explored:

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Spencer Cook
Senior Client Marketing Specialist - Global Lending Solutions

Spencer Cook joined D+H in 2016 as a content creator for the Global Lending Solutions (GLS) division of D+H. His inherent curiosity has lead him to cover a wide range of topics in the technology industry such as the future of Bitcoin, the effect of design on customers and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Spencer Cook