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Credit Unions Go Into the Breach on Commercial Lending

March 09, 2017

Credit unions are expanding their commercial lending portfolios as they take advantage of gaps in the offerings of global banks, to build deeper relationships with small businesses ignored by other institutions.

Credit unions are member-focused organizations by philosophy and charter, so many have shied away from commercial lending in the past. However, with their large and loyal memberships, there is a vast universe of potential small business owners who might take advantage of deposit and lending products for businesses at credit unions.

Now, technology is turning that potential into a major opportunity: A number of credit unions are in the process of establishing processes, procedures and technology for commercial lending. Some of the most successful credit unions in the commercial lenders game are opting for end-to-end technology solutions that cover the whole lending process – from application to closing.

Todd Johnson, Vice President of Business and Mortgage Lending at Cyprus Credit Union, joins Lending on Call to discuss trends in commercial lending for credit unions, and his institution’s experience in moving the tracking of commercial loans from a manual process to a fully integrated technology solution.

Our interview explored these questions:

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