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Credit Unions Grow by Talking to Each Other, as Millennials Look for Organizations with Meaning

March 09, 2017

A few decades ago, credit unions were small institutions serving a narrow demographic with a limited set of products, and banks didn’t pay much attention. Today, credit unions market themselves to a larger clientele, and often offer a wide range of products, from investments to commercial loans, from mortgages to services for nonprofits.

Credit unions are owned by the people who use their services, rather than investors who want maximum return. This unique charter enables them to do something that would be unthinkable in the banking world: talk with other institutions about which technologies and processes make them successful.

This cooperative spirit meshes well with credit unions’ deep involvement in the communities they serve, and is compatible with the Millennial generation’s desire to associate with organizations that they perceive to have a deeper purpose.

Mike Lawson, host of the popular CUbroadcast online talk show, joined us on Lending on Call to discuss trends in the credit union space and the advantages of cooperation between institutions.

Our interview explored these questions:

Hear the complete interview here.

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