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The Death of the Branch Has Been Greatly Exaggerated but FIs Need to Use Them Properly

February 14, 2017

Sometimes what seems like your biggest weakness turns out to be your biggest asset.

For banks and credit unions, the branch network was recently viewed as contributing to high overhead, literally anchoring these financial institutions in customer interactions that were inefficient and unpleasant.

But, as it happens, many digital banking interactions that start online end at a branch … and not because the digital experience wasn’t up to snuff. Rather, customers were looking for a friendly, reassuring, face-to-face interaction.

And with giants in the digital space like Amazon and Warby Parker looking to expand their reach into brick-and-mortar retail, some are saying that branches warrant a second look – and might turn out to be financial institutions’ biggest strength relative to alternative lenders.

Steve Hoke, Head, Lending, Retail Product Management for mortgage lending solutions at D+H joined the Lending on Call podcast to discuss lending transactions in the digital space, and the value of a branch in making those transactions happen.

Our interview explored these questions:

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