Delivery Services

There is a widespread perception that software implementation projects are long and complex undertakings. The reality is they don’t need to be. At D+H we leverage our expertise and decades of experience to simplify and shorten the entire implementation process, ensuring projects come in on time and on budget, and deliver against their original goals. We do this by applying an agile methodology that offers a lightweight framework to help us rapidly deliver business value while at the same time significantly reduce risk.

Our agile approach accelerates the time in which we can deliver business value, and through the process of continuous planning and feedback, we are able to ensure that value continues to be maximized throughout the implementation process. As a result of this iterative method, our team is able to continuously align the delivered software with the desired business requirements, easily adapting to fit requirements throughout the process. By monitoring and evaluating throughout the process, the team has greater and more accurate visibility into the actual progress of the implementation. Leveraging this methodology, we can ensure an efficient, low-risk implementation that helps our customers realize the highest value from their investment in the shortest possible time.

The Benefits of D+H’s Delivery Methodology:

  • Quick ‘Journey to Value’ – The iterative nature of our agile implementation methodology means features are delivered incrementally, enabling some benefits to be realized early as the product continues to develop.
  • Improved Quality – Breaking the project into measurable units and conducting testing throughout the process allows for adjustments to be made, and gives the team early insights into any quality issues.
  • Promotes Transparency – This approach encourages a collaborative approach to implementation. Stakeholders have excellent visibility, and expectations can be effectively managed.
  • Mitigates Risk – Frequent testing and shorter feedback loops mean that problems can be identified and rectified more quickly.

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