Training Programs

At D+H, we provide our customers with comprehensive customer training programs to ensure clients can derive maximum benefit from our solutions as quickly and easily as possible. Training programs can be tailored to meet the needs of all types of users including the project team, super users and regular users.

Training is provided during implementation, to ensure the project team is fully trained on the software, and to ensure the implementation is as quick, easy and risk free as possible. Training is also available after implementation to ensure regular users and super users can effectively use the solution, and to help new staff onboard as quickly as possible.

Courses are offered either as off-the-shelf group sessions focused on a particular product or business area, or can be specifically tailored to meet a customer’s unique needs. Training may be undertaken either at D+H training centers, or at a customer location. To inquire about an on-site or custom training class for your organization, please contact your regional sales representative.